Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

A. HireInAnyDomain.com offers outplacement and outsourcing services to its clients, which includes the placement of remote contractors.

B. HireInAnyDomain.com has been approached, or is under consideration to be approached, by the client for the provision of contractor placement services.

C. The services will be rendered by HireInAnyDomain.com to the client in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this service agreement.

2.1. The procedures for day-to-day activities such as client service requests, selection of HireInAnyDomain.com personnel, and other operational tasks pertaining to this contract are detailed in the terms and conditions available on the HireInAnyDomain.com website.

2.2. The client acknowledges and agrees that this agreement with HireInAnyDomain.com does not constitute employment.

2.3. The responsibility for selecting the appropriate HireInAnyDomain.com personnel rests with the client. Hiring is conducted for independent contractors in compliance with relevant local regulations.

2.4. HireInAnyDomain.com personnel are not authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the client, and this agreement does not establish a partnership between the client and HireInAnyDomain.com personnel.

3.1. This agreement is effective on a month-to-month basis, commencing on the agreed starting date and continuing until terminated in accordance with the provisions outlined herein.

4.1. Payment terms and conditions, as outlined on the HireInAnyDomain.com website and in Schedule 1, govern the timing of payments to be made to HireInAnyDomain.com.

4.2. The terms provided in Schedule 1 are integral to and enforceable under this contract.

6.1. The client is obligated to indemnify HireInAnyDomain.com in cases of loss or claims resulting from injury to HireInAnyDomain.com personnel or property damage during the performance of duties by HireInAnyDomain.com personnel. Additionally, the client must indemnify HireInAnyDomain.com in the event of claims made by HireInAnyDomain.com personnel regarding their termination of services.

5.1. HireInAnyDomain.com shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, or compensation (direct or indirect) incurred by the client, including but not limited to delays in introducing HireInAnyDomain.com personnel, non-acceptance of offers or assignments by HireInAnyDomain.com personnel, or performance-related issues.

7.1. The client must compensate HireInAnyDomain.com with $15,000.00 USD for each HireInAnyDomain.com employee directly hired by the client.

7.2. Upon termination of this contract, the client is prohibited from directly offering contracts or permanent employment to any HireInAnyDomain.com employee who has performed services for the client within the past 12 months.

7.3. HireInAnyDomain.com clients must obtain prior approval before offering work or assignments to friends, family members, referrals, or network connections of HireInAnyDomain.com personnel.

7.4. Exchange of payment and pricing information between HireInAnyDomain.com and its employees is strictly prohibited.

8.1. All materials prepared by HireInAnyDomain.com personnel shall be owned by the client, and any intellectual property rights therein shall vest in the client.

  1. All parties agree to handle personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Confidential Information

10.1. Disclosure of information by any party shall be limited to that required by law.

  1. Both parties warrant that there are no pending or threatened actions, claims, proceedings, or investigations that may materially affect this contract.

12.1. The first party may terminate this contract immediately if the second party breaches its terms and fails to remedy the breach within five business days or becomes insolvent.

12.2. The client may appoint HireInAnyDomain.com personnel on a trial basis, with termination permitted at any time during the trial period. 12.3. The client may terminate full-time employees with notice periods specified in Schedule

12.6. Upon termination, the client shall return all confidential information to HireInAnyDomain.com.

The client accepts the terms outlined in the HireInAnyDomain.com website's terms and conditions upon: (a) Requesting services, (b) Appointing HireInAnyDomain.com to provide services, (c) Selecting HireInAnyDomain.com personnel, (d) Making payments as per Schedule 1, (e) Indicating acceptance in any other manner specified.

  1. HireInAnyDomain.com and its personnel agree not to disclose or use any confidential information belonging to the client.
  1. HireInAnyDomain.com personnel are entitled to request leave on public holidays in their location.

  1. Regular Billing System

    1. The client must use the regular billing system if appointing HireInAnyDomain.com personnel.

    2. Payment for services must be made in advance via prepaid payments or regular monthly payments, using specified methods.

    3. Each payment is due in advance or on an agreed fixed monthly date.

    4. Payments may be made via electronic fund transfer into specified INR bank accounts.

    5. Overtime payments, if applicable, will be invoiced in the following month.

    6. The client may request a refund within a two-week processing period. Insufficient Funds

    7. If the available balance falls below zero or if payments are not made on time, HireInAnyDomain.com reserves the right to suspend services for a period of five business days.

    8. During the suspension period, the client must settle any outstanding amounts to avoid termination of the contract.

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